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The Experience to Get Results

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Our Team

Rob Augustine founded StoneFly in 2018 after an interest in fly fishing hit new levels. Rob's love for music goes back to grade school where his favorite activity was listening to classical music over headphones and writing summaries of what he heard. He began studying the interworking of the music business in the early 2000s after living in Watkinsville, GA for a summer. The vibrant music scene in Atlanta and Athens had at that time served as a wonderful education.

Rob met his wife in 2016. She helped him to sharpen skills that perhaps he had forgotten he had in his toolbox. While selling campers and working at a bottle shop in Richmond, he began signing bands and helping them reach new heights. 

StoneFly artists held the title of Floydfest On-The-Rise from July of 2019 until July of 2022. We were instrumental in the rapid rise of 49 Winchester, despite COVID-19 derailing much of the music industry.

If we can help in any way, please reach out! 

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